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The Total Package!

Smart, sassy, sexy. Technologically forward but community driven. A haven to peoples of all religions, races, interests. An amalgamation of ideas and attitudes. It's nooks and crannies and wide open spaces. A conservative town. A liberal town. A city that lights up a 40 foot Christmas tree and sings Oh Tannenbaum in front of the capital like any good Charlie Brown Special but who's going on 40 years of Eeyore's birthday replete with drum circles and painted breasts. A place where you're just as likely to see dreadlocks and vintage clothing as you are a preppy sweater with three popped collars. It's mesquite trees and crawfish boils and big back yards with fat white string lights and live music anytime you get a hankerin'.Where in the summer you've got so many festivals and athletic adventures and natural parks to choose from that it's a wonder we're not all suffering from event paralysis. Where in the winter the sky is clear and sunny and it's everything you can do to not leave what you're doing to enjoy the beauty of the hill country. It's city mouse meets country mouse; plays and art and opera and ballet with an option for barn dances and sock hops and bonfires and a guy with a guitar on a porch. It's Thai and Indian and Mexican and BBQ. It's gourmet with flop flops. It's glam in glad rags. And the people. They reflect the shining multifaceted ruby red beating heart of this city. Ever shifting and changing and full of life and love and laughter. And purpose. And intention. And invention. And brains. Everyday I meet someone who inspires me, awes me, makes me question, think, reformulate. Is it the city that molds the people or vice versa? I guess what I'm saying, Austin, is that I didn't know that you were home until I got here. And sometimes when I can take a step back and get a little distance from my life, I sense that all the stars aligned to put me in this time and place of magic and wonder and possibilities... deep in the heart of Texas.

Jennifer F.

Sarasota, FL

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