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Unlike most DMCs, which act as fulfillment providers for local destination services, ATX Rocks DMC ® views your business from a strategic perspective.  As a result, we ensure that your company’s strategic objectives are incorporated into the DMC-managed components of your event.  We also strive to ensure the entire process is streamlined and transparent.


A few strategic advantages of working with ATX Rocks DMC ® follow:


Single Point of Contact


ATX Rocks DMC ® Account Executives serve as “consultative watchdogs” and look out for your best interests.  We strive to idenfify opportunities to leverage spend, monitor the consistency of service delivery, and drive a strategic, streamlined effort across all program operations.  Clients have the convenience of one empowered contact for their national or multi-national account needs.


Focus on Service


ATX Rocks DMC ®  delivers  “second to none” industy standards.  This means woking after hours to get information to our clients in different time zones, leading destination site inspections on a 24/7 basis, dealing with endless program alterations, taking calls on our cell phones while on vacation, etc.  We are the slaves of the slave (planner) and do it right!  This service attitude is our bedrock, and heart and soul of our value proposition  


Knowledge Sharing


Once you work with ATX Rocks DMC ®,  we leverage our combined experience from your first event.  Going forward, our client team will hit the ground running, armed with key account information housed in our centralized database and an understanding of your corporate culture.




One of the many benefits of working with a locally-owned, standardized organization is the assurance that all employees are trained and evaluated in the same manner, and that procedures and operational practices are consistent, from the letter of agreement to post-program debrief.


ATX Rocks size, scope, and local presence allow us to provide financial advantages over National and Global DMCs and DMC alliances/networks.  This benefits our clients because we create value through our local buying power and optimize their event dollar.



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